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GREENROOFMONITOR.COM is an open internet publication which collects and summarizes as well as offers data and pictures on the topic of plant-covered roofs from any region of the world.
The goal of this page is to present the customs of green-roof building from each region, helping this way a deeper understanding of the given culture and of the people living there.

The system, basically, presents "projects", i.e. the smallest information unit of the system is the structure itself, and to this can be given the green-roof characteristics of the structure, visualizing them through pictures.
A "project" can be presented several times and using different approaches in the database.

The structure of the site is made up of 3 major parts:

  1. Opening page or entry, where general information and things of interest, relevant news can be read on the topic of green-roofs and after the registration here one can enter operative areas. In the middle of the page one can find summaries of the most up-to-date additions.
  2. Editing area. Here, only registered members can enter to modify the filled-in data or to add new data sheets to the page. The number of the projects, added by a user, is designated by a number immediately following its name.
  3. Directing room can be entered by anybody using the SEARCH button, where one can search, meeting different conditions, the data structures filled in the database. This way, one can handle a universally accessible and unified reference list.